About Us

Martnicks Pharmacy
“Care and Service are our priorities”


Martnicks Pharmacy is independently owned and operated. It was born out of the need to put “family” back into pharmacy. When dealing with large Pharmacy Corporations it became apparent that they focus on the increased demand for prescription volume with less emphasis on care, service, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Martnicks Pharmacy is here to fill that vacuum.  And hence our Moto: “Care and Service are our priorities”

We operate in-line with all State and Federal regulations pertinent to procurement, prescribing, dispensing, accounting and pharmaceuticals disposal.

We provide personalized service and best products at a lower cost possible to out patients (walk-in, and hospital discharged patients), Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, Transition Homes, etc.) within the Tri-County area.

A relationship is the beginning of quality healthcare. At Martnicks Pharmacy, our passion for caring and servicing every patient begins when he/she comes through our door. Our desire is not only to fill your prescriptions but also to know you.  In our Pharmacy, patients receive the full attention of   staff who knows them and their situation, and who patients can always contact.  We at Martnicks understand that patients deserve more than just a filled prescription, be it, counseling, casual conversation or even a smile, Martnicks Pharmacy wants to be your first choice. We promise to dispense more than medicines. Many patients pay certain amount of money as their co-pay for their prescriptions irrespective which pharmacy they choose to fill their prescriptions. Therefore we understand that for patients not to go somewhere else, they have to be confident and satisfied with the care and service they receive.

At Martnicks, we are always looking for ways to save you (patient) money, time and provide you with best quality products and service possible. We also help patients who do not have insurance. Our price is extremely lower than competitors, $4.00 generic drugs and prescription drug savings coupons are also available. Allow us the opportunity to discuss your current prescriptions regimen and how we can help you.

We have extremely efficient prescription filling system, we can process prescriptions as fast as necessary to take care of customers and they will be right on their way.

And we offer free delivery service to those who want their medications delivered to their home or office when they need them. To schedule a delivery for your prescriptions call us at (954) 530-4698.