Over The Counter Products

We carry wide range of over-the-counter medicines including but limited to the following:

  • Cough/Cold & Allergy
  • Analgesics & Antacids
  • Eye/Ear & Nose products
  • Laxatives & Anti-diarrhea medicines
  • First Aid & Foot Care products


We carry most vitamins, from well-known Manufacturers/Brands, including but not limited to:

Nature Made, Sundown Naturals, Nature Bounty, 21st Century, Centrum etc.

Hispanic Products (Herbal & Dietary Supplements)

Varieties of the above products are available including:

Provasmin, Almebex, Neurobion, Fitina, S.S.S. Tonico, Balsamo Tchakowski, Extracto De Malta, Clusivol, Iodo Tanico, Rabano Yodado, Rompe Pecho, Broncochem, Honeytaze, Emulsion de Escocia, Scott’s Emulsion, Picot, Cascara, Sagrada, Arnica, Iodada, Tricofero De Barry, oils, Leonflax etc.

Household & Baby Needs

We also carry products including but not limited to the following:

  • Hygiene products
  • Skin Care products
  • Oral Care products
  • Hair products
  • Deodorants
  • Cleaners
  • Tissue/Paper Towel etc

Greeting Cards

We carry very nice cards at unbeatable prices. You need to check it out !!